Hi Everyone,

First of all Happy new year, i know this year will be a joyous one.

I can’t even Lie , 2019 was the hardest year of my life.The Devil thought he had me and gave me his biggest blow but thank God for spiritual bullet proof.

Y’all i am still standing and so he has lost…same goes for everyone that went through hard stuffs in 2019.

You never know how strong you are until your faith is tested, its been like fire on this side but i know i am coming out refined like pure gold.

So the very popular year 2020 is here with the popular Vision 2020.I entered into 2019 with so much plans, goals and “ginger” and God messed up all my plans and goals. The only thing i entered 2020 with is my STRONG DESIRE TO KNOW GOD MORE.

So no goals, no plans, no ginger…..just a desire to know him more and follow his instructions every step of the way.

Don’t get me wrong goals, plans and the whole vision 2020 shebang is good but its not for me this year.My loss shook the very essence of my christian faith .Its been said that every shakeable shall be removed and only the substance will stand.I am glad my faith stood the test but it also came with a lot of shedding and pruning.

Laughing at the Devil’ve got nothing on us

So my Vision 2020 is “TO KNOW HIM MORE”

Already God has started with me and i know its going to be a great year.

This year, pursue God with all you have, chase after him like your whole life depends on it (because it does).The devil ain’t playing and you have to show him that believers ain’t joking either.

Please this year be deliberate and intentional about your walk with God.Study the word and fire up your prayer altar.Even when you are not consistent don’t be discouraged.Keep at it till you achieve consistency.You can reach out to me if you need materials for your study.This year we are going to bloody the nose of the devil together.

I attend Covenant Christian center Nation and our annual faith convention is on.Please consider this a personal invitation to WAFBEC 2020.Its been awesome so far and God just started with us.

So here is to a great year with plenty revelational knowledge and light.

This year our vision is full of light and we wont grope in darkness.AMEN



10 thoughts on “VISION 2020

  1. I also entered the year without all the “New year resolution “. I experienced the biggest loss ever Nov. 2019 and I’ve just been moving like being remote controlled. But I believe my mum is looking and proud, so I dare not stop moving. One thing I yearn for so much this year is to know more about God. I pray I get to that space with God.
    May we all experience joy, love, happiness, laughter this new year.


  2. Thank you so much, you are really in the spirit.Apostle’s message has been a blessing in this season.I will check out the link.


  3. Thanks Yejide, the Lord will reveal a dimension of His Spirit to you, a revelation you will never recover from!
    If you don’t mind, Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages ( could be helpful while you trust God through this process. You are in my thought and prayers.

    Happy new year and enjoy a revelation saturated year.


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