Hello everyone,

How is the lockdown going? I must confess that I am kind of enjoying the break. Please don’t get me wrong oh, I can’t wait for this whole Covid-19 saga to be over but this is our current reality so I am trying to make good use of the free time.

I was supposed to resume my new job on the 30th of April, however it was moved and I was so grateful for this because I got to stay at home with baby girl who was a little under the weather at that time.

First day at work

Its being an holyghost party at my end, as I have been trying to just stay at His feet and glean from His presence.

Truth is that the whole world is focused on Covid-19 and if we are not careful we will shift our gaze from Jesus.

Infact many have shifted their gaze and the devil is using this whole thing to distract us. By all means get information, I also took a course on future learn to equip myself but don’t let the information sink you.

Don’t use all the time checking about Covid-19 and scrolling mindlessly through social media that you miss out on what the Lord is doing in this season.

The devil wants to distract us with mindless eating, endless social media viewing and information overload.

I just finished my housejob and my schedule was so crazy plus raising a baby, so my Jesus time needed a lifeline. That’s why I am so grateful for this free time.

I am also grateful for my wild women community because they have definitely kept me “prayed up” and I am loving it. I have been joining a lot of online prayers and like one of my wild sister will say no prayer is wasted.

I go to TCN and we pray online for one hour as a church every morning (5am) and evening (10pm) .You can choose any one that is convenient for you.

I also join the Prayer network on mixlr .We pray at 7pm everyday and our prayers are focused on chasing out the darkness on our knees.

I am also using this time to create productive routines in my life.

For example I still wake up early in the morning for my Jesus time, this way I can still do it when I resume work fully.

So if you don’t feel like praying, do it anyway even if it means yawning through it all (most times when you persist, you will hit a gusher and the prayers just starts to flow)

Don’t let your feelings rule you , for example some days back, I was praying and just as I started, I felt the presence of God heavily and sensed that He just wanted me to worship Him and soak in His presence. So I decided to just worship and not make any request. I continued and like 15mins later that feeling just left me.

I felt discouraged and was going to stop then I remembered that being in the presence of God doesn’t have anything to do with feelings or goosebumps. I knew with all my heart that I was communing with Him and that was all that matter. The devil almost robbed me of my blessings and I almost fell for it. You can read more about this in the blog post I did here

Peep my Shekere

When Dee was alive, he loved Shekere which is a worship program convened by Pastor Tony Rapu. In one of the videos, Pastor Tony said something about the Shekere being a weapon of war and I totally agree.

Then I watched a clip ofAbejoye( a christian drama by mount zion drama ministies) recently and saw a character quoting the scriptures while wielding the Shekere and it just struck a chord within me so I went to look for my shekere ( that was gifted to me on my last birthday) and it has definitely spiced up my worship time.

You can try it if you have one, if you don’t, use whatever you have , your hands , a tambourine whatever , just make sure you are praising and worshipping.

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.” Acts‬ ‭16:25-26‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Remember, like Brother Dunsin Oyekan said;”first it was fragrance, then it turned to fire, our worship is our weapon, this is how we fight our battle”

Though we might say its just a pandemic but the devil has a lot of tricks up his sleeves and we have to recognize that we are at war and the best place to fight is At His Feet

There is a shift already and this Pandemic will end however , a lot of things will change when its over and the question to ask is how prepared am I?

The Lockdown has been extended by another two weeks , if you have not been using your time well you can make the necessary adjustments now.

Let’s all stay “prayed up” and “praised up” because that’s the only way we will chase out the darkness.

Lockdown buddy

Much love,


15 thoughts on “AT HIS FEET

  1. I love the news, I just wanna know what has happened again…that kind of a thing.
    Then one of the days I’m home I woke up late and the first thing was walking to the TV again…and it was then I heard Him.

    Why not hear The good news before you listen to the “bad” news?
    That was it!

    Thank you Doc.
    We need The Good News…We need the Gospel now.


  2. Beautiful. You have said it all. If we re not careful we will shift our gaze. That is it for me. Initially when the whole lockdown started, I began to watch CNN, BBC, ALJAZERA stations I ordinarily will not watch and realised I spend my while day on social media. I was more current than most people around me.
    Thej the Holy spirit called my attention to it. I left them and focused on God to be productive in this time….. And I’m grateful to God for the awakening….
    Coronavirus infection will go and all that will be left will be u and what has become of you.

    Its good to do online course, add to knowledge but also focus on God. Daily load ur self in prayer and his words…. That is the only way to get by this period.

    Thank you for the reminder baby girl….

    God bless you….


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