What a year!!!!

When this year started, I wrote a blog post VISION 2020 and said that I didn’t have any plans for the year. My plan was just to follow Jesus and His direction. As at that time, Covid 19 had not gotten to Nigeria and I didn’t even know there was going to be a Lockdown. It is safe to say that everyone’s plan was disrupted and for me I didn’t even now have any choice than to just follow Him.

I thought there was disruption last year but this year had more disruption than last year. One thing is clear though, despite the disruptions I grew significantly. I grew spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and all the other “…ally” you can think of. This year, God Himself was my teacher. He taught me to trust in Him completely and to make only Him the object of my worship and Focus.

I have reasons to cry but I have so much more to be grateful for and so should you. God really showed up and He is a Gooooooood God. If you shut down the noise and really think about it, you will find reasons to be grateful to God too.

If you ever doubt that the Lord is good , let your thoughts just flow to the fact that you are alive today reading this blog post.

So if you lost your Job this year, God is still good.

If you lost a loved one, He is still faithful.

If you had to live from hand to mouth, He still remains God.

No matter what, in life and in death God is Faithful.

This year, there was a lot of weeding out too. God really took out the shakeable. The pandemic and Lockdown helped me to realize that I have been focusing on the wrong things. For me I had to redefine the most important things to me and this has helped me to channel my energy appropriately. So in summary, this year I chased Jesus and I realized that it is the best thing I could have done.

When you hear me talk about Jesus all the time, it is because I am a girl that has been helped by Him and He is the Lover of my soul. He gave me strength to pull through the storm and even the year 2020. I can’t even start to list things here but I will say this “It pays to serve Jesus”.

This write up summarizes my whole thoughts.

Another tough lesson I learnt is that it is possible to think and feel you are a christian while your relationship with Jesus really needs intervention.

This coming year, please chase after Him with the whole of your heart. Not just with words but in truth and He will honor you.

2020 gave its best blow but we survived it even though for some people it was with bruises and scars.

I know a lot of people are not excited about 2021 but let me borrow the words of one of my sisters, “Do not be afraid, Jesus is in 2021 already” and He has a track record of keeping all His promises.

Have a beautiful 2021.

Love and revelational light,


4 thoughts on “THE GOOD YEAR

  1. Hmmm! What a year indeed…but overall, we thank God we are here, still STANDING in Him. Truly, He has the best plans despite all the *disruptions*🙂.
    Thank God for you too Yejide…Keep shining His Glory. Love you plenty my sister😍🥰❤.
    Happy glorious 2021 already.


  2. Hallelujah, this is the confidence we have in him that all things are settled concerning us .. thanks for writing.. we love you too🧡

    Liked by 1 person

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