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We have a guest writer on the blog today.

God is really awesome y’all (Toooo awesome)

When she reached out to me that she wanted to share her testimony, I just knew it was the right thing to do.

Here is Oluwadamilola sharing her itestify story.


For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my request which I asked of Him. 1 Samuel 1:27 AMP.

My heart is filled with so much Joy and Gratitude to God Almighty, the one that makes all things beautiful in His time, whose Blessing makes rich and adds no sorrow.

The blessing of the Lord brings [true] riches, and He adds no sorrow to it[Fir it comes as a blessing from God].

Proverbs 10:22 AMP

Our Son OluwaMuyiwa, EniOluwagbin, Bethel clocks ONE Today!

Birthday King

Just as his names imply, he was brought forth and planted by the Lord miraculously. God showed to us that He is good and does only good things. I made a VOW to God, that I will tell the world of His goodness to me, when the time is due and indeed this is the time.

Sometime in June 2018, during my last semester in Pharmacy school, I conceived and of course like every expectant parent we were happy and looking forward to March 2019 which was the due date. Trust your girl, I started reading the Supernatural Childbirth book, wrote out my Confessions, said them everyday or every other day (I can be that dogged with things like this) and did every necessary and important thing in between…Fast forward to December 26th which happened to be a Sunday, I started having slight abdominal pains in the early hours of the day. The pains will come and go but that didn’t deter me from going to church (The Covenant Nation, Iganmu). I didn’t think it was anything serious, during one of my scans, a small fibroid was found and so I thought that could be the cause of the pain. I managed through the service, reassuring myself that all was well. I was 27 weeks at this time.

Later that night the pain intensified, at this time my husband and I were in touch with a Doctor who asked me to use a safe analgesic but the relief was only temporal so we decided we would go to the hospital first thing in the morning while we kept worshipping and making declarations throughout the night.

In the early hours of the next day, I started bleeding and so we rushed down to the hospital, we went in for a scan and the report showed that the fetus had no cardiac activity i.e the fetus was dead and we were told there had to be an immediate evacuation.

An Evac……What!!!!

That was my silent reaction. I didn’t believe the Report. I was diligent with my confessions and diet, although it was a very busy period for me because of exams, school project and all so I admit that I sometimes stretched myself beyond limit and I can still remember my husband’s voice always telling me to take things easy and not to be too hard on myself. Pharmacy School was not beans especially those final months and I was working towards a particular CGPA (covers face) but I thank God because He came through for me. My final year was indeed a year when the latter surpassed the former. Glory!!!!

It was a mixed reaction for us, we were definitely not going to settle for defeat so we told the doctor we would like to go home and think about it. Prior to the incident, we had planned to visit one of my Mentors that day. He is a Pastor and coincidentally it was the Church’s (Healing Streams Int’l Churches) prayer meeting. We headed to the Church from the hospital shared with Him and his wife and we spent so much time praying together. He told my husband to lay hands on my stomach and call the baby forth and speak life to my womb. He encouraged us and told us to put our minds at rest. We left happy, unburdened and at peace. When we got home that night, all we did was to thank God for a perfected testimony and yet again my husband laid hands on my womb and called our Son forth and that is where his First Name; Oluwamuyiwa came from.

On 28th we went to a different diagnostic centre for another scan and the report was same; Intrauterine fetal Death (IUFD).This time, the Sonographer told us that the foetus had died at about 18-20 weeks ( the last scan I did was at about 18 weeks. I saw the fetal heartbeat and the condition of the foetus was perfectly okay). He also told us to pray that the process of evacuation would be easy. I literally carried a dead foetus in my womb for about 7-9 weeks but actually while God was waiting for the set time to push out the dead foetus, He had already called forth life even out of the dead and somewhere on my inside, He had planted the Promised Child!

I didnt know how to feel because we always prayed about the pregnancy and I just couldn’t comprehend how or why it happened. Different thoughts started going through my head, could it be stress? But then I attended all my antenatal clinics and was always checked and told everything was fine until that sunday morning.

I was admitted in the hospital and induced (it wasn’t an easy process, imagine about 10 hours of labour pain for a dead foetus). All through the process my husband kept praying because at a point I couldn’t mutter any words of prayer, I was just groaning in pains but thankfully the foetus came out successfully on it’s own just as I went to use the rest room.

I felt this big relief, I didnt have to be cut and there was no complications whatsoever. I still didn’t know what to think or how to react to the whole process but I couldn’t be angry with God. I just knew He had a Bigger Plan. I wanted to be angry with the Doctors that kept checking me at the antenatal and assuring me everything was fine but I couldn’t, the peace was just too Overwhelming

I kept thinking of how I will explain my sudden flat stomach to people, how I was going to start explaining that I lost the baby but through it all, I had gratitude in my heart. When the Doctors came to check me during the whole process, they kept saying “We love your Spirit”. I went to the hospital with a speaker and was just blasting songs of worship and praise. The cleaners that came into my room even danced or worship with me (Lol).

The Peace was really Overwhelming. I wondered where the Strength came from. Infact one of those days, I had to force myself to cry because I was beginning to wonder if I was okay, but then this scripture comes to mind;

[we pray that you may be] strengthened and invigorated with all power, according to His glorious might, to attain every kind of endurance and patience with joy.

Colossians 1:11 AMP

I Pray with this Scripture a lot and I believe it was the basis of the overwhelming Strength and Joy we had.

My husband and I decided not to talk/complain about our loss but to be thankful to God regardless for the successful evacuation without complications and for Life (I later got to know about someone who had the same issue and had a serious complication).

When we got home after my discharge from the hospital, we went into thanksgiving mode. It seemed absurd, we didn’t understand what we were doing or where the courage came from but that was what we were led to do and then we made declarations that we would still have our baby in the year 2019.

At the watch night service, which was 3days after the evacuation, we praised and danced like never before. The first prayer point raised was to thank God for the things we had lost that year, my husband and I looked at each other and smiled. Then another prayer point was raised that we should thank God for the things He did for others that year that we also wanted.

Pastor came up with the message and declarations and it was just like he was ministering to us directly. We entered 2019 with the assurance that we were going to carry our baby that year and so it was amongst our expectations for our Annual Convention-WAFBEC (God so good the theme was centred on Fruitfulness). Our hearts were so stayed on God. During the convention all the ministers prophesied about conceiving and even though I was still bleeding from the procedure, I “keyed” into them all.

On the 6th of January, during one of the ministrations at WAFBEC, God gave me a word as regards conceiving, the sex, his name (same as My husband had prayed out). He told me it was going to be an easy pregnancy, that He has secured it. I wrote the words down, shared with my husband and added it to our confession for the year… to the Glory of God I conceived in that same month of January 2019 and we had OLUWAMUYIWA, ENIOLUWAGBIN ,on this day last year.

It was indeed an easy pregnancy. Everytime I went for antenatal, the Doctors will ask what happened to the previous pregnancy and when they look through my file, they wouldn’t be able to find anything so no one really understood why we lost that pregnancy. Infact the Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at my hospital told me that I was lucky and favoured to have had an easy evacuation.

Oluwamuyiwa came with all the features I had prayed and confessed, like his handsome face, plenty hair( infact that was the first attraction at the point of delivery. The Nurses said “how boy come get plenty hair like this” lol.) His happy nature, he is so full of life and vigor, his fast growth and landmark achieving rate. There is soo much I am grateful for.

Plenty hair geng

Since we had him, God has surrounded us with the best support system, amazing people. Despite my busy schedule at work, I have never lacked help and these were all the things I prayed for. This really drives it in deeper for me that God is soooooo Mindful of Us and even before we pray, He already knows what suits us. Even when we face challenges, He has reserved the Best for Us!

I want to encourage us, that no matter what you are going through, God is with You, God has good plans for you. I have seen the Power of Confession and Thanksgiving in the face of challenges produce results in my life over and over again and it can also produce same in yours.

Oluwamuyiwa is such a delight, I am amazed at the way he is growing and I pray that God will help me to raise godly and distinct Children who will be Ambassadors for him. (Amen)


For every waiting Mum…your testimony will surely come. Though it may tarry, it will surely come to pass!

He makes the barren woman live in the house As a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord ! (Hallelujah!)

Psalms 113:9 Amp

For is written [in the Scriptures], Rejoice , o barren woman who has not given birth ; Break forth into a [joyful] shout , you who are not in labor ; For the desolate woman has many more children Than she who has a husband

Galatians 4:27 AMP

To every mum who has lost a child or pregnancy. May the Lord of Comfort, Comfort you all. This too shall pass and there will be a restoration. Hallelujah!

What God can not do doesn’t exist

Sending you so much Love,

A Proud Mum raising Ambassadors for Christ!

14 thoughts on “FOR THIS CHILD I PRAYED

  1. Halleluyah!! God be praised.
    Thanks for sharing your testimony sis and happy birthday to Enioluwagbin.


  2. Oh Dammy ,, I’m do glad for your sake and I rejoice with you and your household… God who has begin a new thing will not stop, you shall be plenty and your joy shall be full… Indeed we overcome by the words of our mouth… Hallelujah


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