Hello Everyone,

I am excited today because it’s my princess’ birthday.

Dee and I got married when I was in 500level, as at this time, I still had a year of med school to go so we decided to wait a little before starting a family.

I remember how excited he was when I told him I was pregnant…..the joy was surreal.I had always wanted a boy first while Dee will always say he wants a Girl first.

My pregnancy was a breeze,right from conception to delivery it was evident that God was involved.I was about 20weeks pregnant when I sat for my final exams in medical school and I aced the exam.My baby was cooperative and she allowed mummy to study well.Shout out to my Study Love group members and my sync pros challenge study group.Y’all are the best.

34 weeks preggos…….

At about 20weeks Dee told me he already had a name for the baby,we didn’t even know if it was a boy or girl but he told me it was borne from a revelation he had about God’s goodness.So when Baby girl came, he named her Oluwadarasimi.

First day of life

Christening……Deborah-Grace my warrior Princess

This name alone has helped me to stay strong in this stormy time.Dara Dara(that’s what I called her) is the calmest child I could ever ask for.She does not cry unnecessarily, in fact some of my colleagues think she does not cry at all.I remember the first time I dropped her at the crèche, my baby didn’t even cry and she has never cried at any drop off.

Off to crèche

She has a wonderful appetite, she eats everything and anything given to her.She isn’t a picky eater and I am grateful to God for that.


When we had her, hubs and I didn’t have a lot of money cos I was just graduating Med school and I wasn’t working but God blessed us through so many people.For everything we couldn’t afford to buy we got double.God also blessed us with a good health because she doesn’t fall sick.

People keep asking me how I cope with her alone but I must say I have a wonderful support system.I have a whole village raising her with me, apart from the fact that she is a calm child there is always someone willing to help with her.Infact she is everyone’s baby at work.

I choose to count my blessing on this child, God has indeed being good to us.He has been a father to us and he has also sent many Father figure to us.He has taken everything the Devil intended for evil and turned it to good.


Today, I am grateful to God for this bundle of Joy from heaven.When Dee died she gave me a reason to keep on living.I kept telling my mum not to worry, I wasn’t going to commit suicide because I knew I had to take care of her.She brings joy to my heart when the sorrows lurks.She is a proof that my marriage to Dee was not just a fiction of my imagination,an evidence that God is mindful of me despite everything that has happened.

She is a gift from God and I am just a steward here on earth.If there is any prayer you want to say for us today, it’s to ask for wisdom to raise her In God’s way the way it would have been if Dee were to be alive.

First Christmas

We are grateful to God first and then everyone that has supported me in raising this child.You will never lack helpers just as you have risen to help us.(Amen)

Join me to celebrate Oluwadarasimi, Oyeladerin, Imisioluwa, Deborah-Grace Okungbaye at one.




  1. Happy birthday beautiful warrior-princess 🎉🎊🎉👸🏻👸🏻🎉🎊👑 with the kind of hair that I’m praying for 🙏🏽🙈😌
    I pray that it is said of you, like it was of Jesus, that your growth is characterised with wisdom, stature and favour with God and with man.
    God bless you dear.


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