One of my favorite bible passages is 1 Cor 1:27”But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;God chose the weak things of the world to shame the wise” because it just points to the fact that God can use anything to teach us,even the most unseemly thing.

So one day I was preparing to make Moin moin (pudding)  and even though I had been thinking about making it all week there was no time to get all the necessary ingredients I could only start late in the evening because of my busy schedule. While trying to make sure it was ready before my husband came back, i didn’t bother picking the beans I just poured water and decanted the dirt forgetting that stones don’t float in water .I also didn’t have time to buy Bell pepper  (tatase) or Chilli pepper(sumbo) so I just used the scotch bonnet(Rodo) I had at home. By the time I finished grinding the beans, it still looked white like there was no pepper in it so in order to savage the situation i decided to put groundnut oil and palm oil in the raw beans just to give it a little color.

Needless to say the outcome was terrible, the two oils refused to mix and the result was a palm oil patched moin moin. The cooked moin moin was filled with stones (remember I dint pick the beans).The moin moin was a disaster according to my standards and as I sat down thinking of the whole situation, the lord started teaching me using my disastrous moin moin as the case study.

  • Allow God to prune you.

There are some things in your life that has to go because with them there God cannot be glorified. Just like how it is important for me to pick the beans before cooking it in order to remove the dirt and stone, it is also important for you to allow the lord prune you.

There is no shortcut or “patch patch” with God. In Psalm 139:23 David said search me, God and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts. Let him remove anything that will not give him glory in your life.It could be a particular sin,character flaw or even something you hold dear to your heart but God is telling you to let go. LET GO AND LET GOD.

Pruning is never a sweet experience it is always painful but just like gold and silver have to pass through fire to shine you need to allow God remove all the impurities in your life so that you can come out shining. This can be done by the word of God,it is a mirror and it shows you who you truly are and transforms you to who God wants you to be.Sister you need to allow God help you deal with that particular weakness before it becomes your undoing.

  • Don’t compromise God’s standard.    

As you proceed in your journey to fulfill purpose, the world is going to throw things at you and expect you to compromise God’s standard.“Rodo” and “Tatase” are both pepper but they apparently have different functions,you can’t substitute one for the other.The world’s option is never a right substitute for God’s option. Satan is very smart he won’t use big things;he will use subtle things, “little foxes that spoil the vine”.But remember Eph 6:13……and after you have done everything to stand,stand firm….If you don’t stand for something,you will fall for anything.

Stand for truth, love, holiness, excellence etc. Get your strength from the presence of God; nothing should take the place of daily fellowship with your Lord. Put on the whole armor of God; don’t be ashamed to stand for the things of God. Good values and morals are crumbling all around us but God is still interested in people that will not succumb to pressure just like the three Hebrew boys.Note that physical strength cannot do this; only an enabling acquired from God’s presence can give you the strength.

  • Be a purebreed christian 

There are two types of moin moin, the palm oil type and the groundnut oil type. Mixing kinds of two oil was a terrible idea and this brings me to the last point ; you cannot be lukewarm, its either you are hot or you are cold. There is no in between in the kingdom,no sitting on the fence. Rev 3:15 -16.Take a stand for God, don’t be a two faced Christian.

Yes we are in this world but we are not of this world. The instruction is to shine your light in darkness, not blend with the darkness .If you want to be a Christian, be a fire brand Christian, a true child of God that can boldly call God her Lord. Don’t be a mixed breed, be a pure breed Christian.The world is now confused about who a Christian is;please don’t add to the confusion. Make sure you stand out.

PS:This article was originally written by me for the beautified network blog