Recently God has been reminding me that the singular most important thing in our Christian walk is a personal relationship with Him.

When I say  personal I mean that kind  of one on one relationship when God can call you His friend like He did to Abraham, the type of relationship that God can tell you what is in His Agenda (Gen 18:16),the type where you stay in His presence to worship and study the word just to know Him more.

There are plenty reasons why this is important for you but I will be talking about just one today. Scripture says that in the last days the love of many will wax cold, nations will rise against nations and many false prophets shall arise (Matthew 24:6-12) and I am sure if you are one with the understanding of times like the sons of Issachar you will agree that we are in the last days.

I hear all kinds of doctrines and teachings these days that does not have any scriptural basis in the word of God and I can’t help but weep sometimes. The amazing thing is that Christians are devouring all these falseness and as i was recently asking the lord,the answer why it is so dropped in my spirit.It is majorly because we no longer take time to study the word for ourselves, we are not like the Berean Christians that go back after Paul has taught them to check if what he said was true (a whole Paul the apostle oh) (Acts 17:11) this shows that no man is infallible.

Nowadays we take everything we hear and digest it hook line and sinker;we are quick to forget that the Holy Spirit is our teacher and he will guide us into all truth.We need to get to a point where we know the lord for ourselves not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine (Eph 4:14).The truth of the matter is that God is yearning to talk to us,he sees the questions and the confusion in our hearts and he really wants to answer them but we need to commit to spending time with him and searching the scriptures, it is only the word of God that is final and steadfast.

Study the word of God with the heart of a child always yearning to understand and know more,as someone that loves the lord we should have knowledge about basic doctrines of Christianity like baptism, laying on of hands,resurrection and second coming etc., so that when people start to drop the so called revelation we know that it is not in keeping with the word of God.


You can do character study, chapter study, book study (e.g. study the book of Daniel), get a simpler translation if you need to, just make sure you are studying the word of God to show yourself approved (2 Tim 3:16).Don’t just study because you have a preaching engagement or because you are the one taking bible study,study to know more about your Lord and his ways.The word of God is a compass it guides us it is also a sieve that helps us to separate the wheat from the chaff.



PS:This article was originally written by me for the beautified network blog